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Blend on the Go with the NEW Mobile Bottle Blender!

sureblend Protein Blending Bottle - Power Mixer

The Sureblend Motorised Blending Rechargeable Bottle, effortlessly blend your proteins and supplements as well as oats, nuts and soft fruits in a matter of cycles with our ultra durable, stainless steel bladed shaker bottle.

Why Sureblend

Ordinary shakers are ok if you don’t mind an incomplete mix and not wanting to maximise your shake experience for mind, taste, and body performance. The Sureblend motorised blender allows you to take shaking to the next level. With a rechargeable Lithium Ion built in power supply, you can shaker at a press of a button without having to shake your wrist. Even manual shaking doesn’t give you that perfect mix!

Pros of a Motorised Shaker:
  • Smooth perfect mix every time – No Lumps of protein or powders
  • Berries and Soft Fruits – Adding soft fruits blended can help increase the bodies uptake of essential vitamins and nutrients quicker
  • Oats – Chopped Oats is better than chewy un-chopped oats!
  • The list goes on, but lumps need to be no more with Sureblend
Let us know what you want to blend on the go and send us your pictures.

Sure blender

Protein Shaker Smart Chip

The onboard smart chip has a built-in timer for 20 second blending cycles. Coloured indicators showing charging status and fault code diagnostics. Alignment guidance for correctly operating the blender;  as one of the safety features,  blades will not turn whilst the sections are not correctly connected.  This helps reduce any risk of harm..

Headphone & Mobile Phone

Charger! Power On The Go!!

The Sureblend Electric Shaker Cup is the ultimate blending bottle for your nutritional and protein supplements on the go. The Power Bank built in provides a nice touch for mobile phone charging and accessories such as
headphones when they are needed most.  Complete power mixing.

Lithium Power Bank

Ultimate Power Performance

High performing Lithium cell batteries control the energy of the protein blender and the power bank ability. Lithium Ion provides gradual loss of energy over their charge, ensuring the best performance at all times.  Our lithium cells are UN38.3 certificated, meaning they can be transported anywhere in the world.

Shaker Cup by Sureblend – Rechargeable Vortex Mixer

$ 49.99

  • Grey

Effortlessly blend your protein powders, supplements, oats, soft fruits and nuts in a matter of seconds with our ultra durable, stainless steel bladed shaker bottle.

Serrated Blade - enhanced Chopping

The Sureblend bottle is loaded with a food grade metal stainless steel blade
that can chop nuts, soft fruit, nutritional supplements and much lots more.

Blade Safety

Safety Sensors detect when the cup is aligned correctly to ensure no leaks and no accidents can occur.  The shaker middle section is required to be attached to the base correctly allowing the safety sensor to de-activate and allow the blades to rotate. If the blending bottle is turned on and you decide to undo the middle, the blades will automatically shut down, reducing harm. This is the Best Protein Shaker Bottle  for you to blend your supplements!

Sureblend Mixer Specifications

Products Overview

  • Height: 11.2in / 28.6cm
  • Weight: 15.2oz / 400g
  • Stainless Metal Chopping Blade
  • 800ml Capacity
  • Durable Carry Handle
  • Built-In Rechargeable Lithium-Ion


  • USB for charging Phone or headphones
  • Easy Change Coloured Sports Flip Lid
  • Charging Cable Included
  • Storage Pot for Fruit or Supplements


  • 3600mAh Built-In Rechargeable


  • Anti-Slip Base
  • Built In Safety Sensor
  • Quickly Dismantles – Easy to Clean
  • 10,200 RPM Motor
  • Food Grade Material
  • 3600mAh Powerbank
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